In Memory of the 500

In Memory of the 500

When I decided to paint the 500 Euro note it was a clear impulse I followed. I had only now learned that in 2018 the production of the 500 Euro bill had been stopped by the European Central Bank. They are still valid but as soon as they enter the banking system they will not be given out anymore.

Out of all Euro notes, I think the 500 Euro note is the most beautiful one. What a pity to not have it anymore.

500 Euro Pixel Detail

The reason for this ban is to curb terrorist financing, drug trafficking and money laundering by abolishing it. Previously it was possible to easily store and transport large sums of money with the 500 Euro note. Certainly the note was too used by regular people, too. And as a side note: is the European Central Bank really the institution that cares for world’s goodwill?

Before knowing about that fact, a 500 Euro bill would just give me the feeling of „Oh, that’s a nice amount of money!“. Now I cannot get rid of the bias that this is evil money.

I often think about money and what it means to me. I try to see it more of a tool and a frequency that allows me to express myself and to build my life in the form I envison it and that gives me the capability to change the world for the better.

Betty mit 500 Acryl Glas

Money has many truths and carries countless narratives. For some people it carries the narrative of power, for some of survival, for some it stands for chances and opportunities.

In the end everyone projects their own story and belief systems into this piece of paper and that’s what makes it interesting.

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